Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Canada 150 Project

Canada turns 150 in 2017!!

All Ottawa Guilds are participating with this in one way or another.  Each guild is going to do a different project.  In 2017, there will be a traveling quilt show that will display the projects from each guild.  More details to come about that show.

OMQG's Project

Members who want to participate, will make:
  • Canada 150 logo block or a Canada 150 inspired maple leaf block - BE CREATIVE!
    • Note - You can get a free paper pieced pattern of the Canada 150 logo here
  • Background – Kona silver [Please use this exact fabric so that all blocks will blend together]
  • For leaves - use prints (that read solid)/solids that match the Kona colours listed (as many or few choices as you like)
  • Block size – 12 ½ x 12 ½  (not squared up)
  • Deadline – May 30th meeting

Kona colours allowed (as many or little as you like):
  • Blue - Kona Deep Blue
  • Light blue - Kona alegria
  • Yellow - Kona Coty or Citrus
  • Fuchsia  - Kona pomegranate
  • Dark orange -  Kona Tangerine
  • Medium orange - Kona Torch
  • Light green - Kona sprout
  • Darker green - Kona Kiwi
  • Dark purple - Kona purple
  • Purple - Dk violet
  • Red - Tomato or Rich Red

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