Monday, 29 April 2019

BOM does not SUC(k)


Block: Improv Succulents


Background: Beige [tone on tone beige or solid beige's ]
Solid Beige:  Kona Oyster, Bone, Cream, Eggshell, Ivory etc...
*Please note this is NOT Kona Snow or Kona White

Pot:  Modern Prints (any color)

Plant: Greens, with Pops of other colors (prints and solid mixes please)

What Makes this Modern:

Sometimes with Modern Quilting you are
NOT FOLLOWING A PATTERN, this is called IMPROV (improvisation).  You could just be creating, sewing fabric to each other, or your can create within certain parameters.  Parameters can be; color, size, scale, shape, or even time! etc...
Sometimes people are scared to try improv because they are sure where to start or how to begin. Here we have a structure, and we are making something recognizable, so this should help you GROW into this technique.

Download the Instructions Parameters Here: