Block of the Month/Year

A great way to get involved in guild, is to participate in the Block of the Month Program.  Its a great way to try out different techniques, work in a variety of color ways, learn about different modern designs, and maybe even win a few prizes!

But you might be wondering...

How does Block of the Month Work:

  • Each month at the OTTMQG Meeting we will show you  the next (BOM) block
    (We also post it on the blog and social media)
  • Go home make the blockmake one, make two, make more…(by participating you are; learning a new skill, trying a new block, or stretching your creativity)
  • Take a picture of your block and share it on Social Media (i.e: Facebook, IG) using the suggested hashtags
  • Bring your finished blocks into the next months meeting and get a raffle ticket for each block you turn in, and you could win all the blocks made, or a special prize.

So WHY participate in the Block of the Month/Year program?

There are many points of entry and levels of engagement guild members can choose to partake in.  Some come to guild and don't know how to really get involved or get the most out of their membership. 

This program is great for people who:
  •  want to learn more about modern quilting
    (each month is a different technique or aspect of modern quilting).  
  • want to work on their sewing skills and learn new techniques they can test out on a block and then try again on their own quilts
  • want to be a part of something bigger (making one, or two blocks that you or another member wins and then makes, is being part of a quilt, a community and so much more!)
  • try something NEW

 Get the Patterns HERE

Get the Monthly Patterns HERE

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