Social Media Policy

Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild
Social Media Policy

Social Media

The Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild uses social media sites as tools to increase membership,
communicate with members and potential members, fund raise, and increase positive exposure
to The Guild’s activities.

OTTMQG Online Social Media Principles

The Vision of The Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild is to inform about modern quilting and its community online
and offline, and is guided by certain shared values that we live by as an organization and as individuals:
  • To be welcoming to all quilters and those interested in learning about and/or making modern quilts;
  • To learn and ask questions;
  • To share information related to modern quilting;
  • To building community.

The following Online Social Media Principles are intended to outline how the above values are demonstrated
in The Guild’s social media spaces and to guide participation in The Guild’s social media accounts,
both by members participating personally, as well as members acting on behalf of The Guild.

Social Media Roles:

The Guild maintains several Facebook pages and groups, Twitter accounts, and an Instagram account.
This policy covers these social media platforms, as well as emerging social media platforms. All official social media accounts are managed by the Social Media Coordinator (SMC). The SMC is responsible for the security of passwords and upkeep of these accounts. The SMC grants access to other members of the Executive Board (EB) for the administration of groups on
the platforms and/or to post content. No social media account can be set up without approval of the (EB).
All social media accounts will be created and monitored under the supervision of the SMC.
Access to post to The Guild’s social media accounts is granted on a project-by-project basis and in discussion
with the EB. This access can be revoked by the President and/or the EB at any time.
Guild members are expected to be respectful and polite when commenting on The Guild’s social media content. Comments that are derogatory, obscene, or objectionable will be deleted and the poster’s membership in The Guild may be revoked.
The SMC will create, generate, and share posts for the following:
  • To post notice of meetings;
  • To post material related to The Guild;
  • To post about the quilting world in general;
  • To highlight areas of research interest, websites about a relevant topic, or happenings in a related field;
  • To point to related material on The Guild’s website and/or external websites;
  • To engage audiences in a different way by providing a behind the scenes view of what makes our programming possible;
  • To discuss programming, post reviews, promote upcoming events, and receive feedback;
  • To periodically promote sponsors,partnering groups and/or events with which The Guild is affiliated;
  • To promote shops and/or businesses related to modern quilting (those that are members, sponsors, and non-members of the Guild);
  • Any other posts will be cleared with the EB by the SMC, with the final say of the President.


Social media sites must be monitored. The SMC has the responsibility of monitoring social media channels as often as possible, ideally daily. The EB or individuals designated by the board can be used as backup administrators/monitors so there is no gap in the monitoring.
Social media can be used in as many productive ways as it can be misused. A healthy dialog with constructive criticism is appreciated, but users should refrain from engaging in dialogue that could disparage others. The SMC is free to delete irrelevant or vulgar posts. If a post is threatening in nature or otherwise meriting greater concern, the EB and SMC will decide if further action is necessary.
As a general guideline, if anyone feels that a post or comment something should be removed, they should be directed to contact the SMC. EB, please notify the SMC when you do remove inappropriate content.
Responding to comments will be the task of the SMC. Assistance in answering questions or helping the commenter gain access to the correct information will be attempted in a reasonable fashion. Responses should be positive and ensure that they accurately reflect the values of The Guild.  

Privacy and Permissions

As a member of The Guild, the name and photos of members and their work may be published by The Guild on social media sites (Facebook, Instagram,, etc), press, and/or advertising.  As such, if a member wishes for their work or image not to be used, they must identify themselves to the SMC  
The Guild will respect The Copyright Act. We will properly cite our sources and post only items that are covered by fair use, published under Creative Commons, or with the permission of the Copyright Holder. We will always do our best to properly credit pattern designers by name and will update posts with designer information where that information is supplied or when designers or patterns are later identified.
Images and information used on Guild websites and social media accounts are open and may be reposted freely with mention and use of the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild website, or social media tags.  


contact the President at:

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