Meeting Minutes 2016-2017

OMQG MEETING MINUTES - June 26th, 2017
Meeting opened at 7:37 pm by Amber.

Quilt Canada quilts are here for pick-up.

Upcoming workshops:

Krista Hennebury - September 24th, 2017
Berene Campbell - October 22nd, 2017
Elaine Quehl - January 20th and 27th, 2018
Libs Elliott - April 22nd, 2018

Retreat @ Gracefield November 24th to 26th, 2017. $210 per person and includes 7 meals.

QuiltCon Charity Quilt - Irena Wosk is coordinating.  Sign-up now.

BoM - Samantha Hodorek won.

Jenn McMillan new BoM and social media coordinator.

Quilt of Belonging - started in 1998 - open to viewing at City Hall until July 5th.  Thank you for telling us about it Leslie.

April Waddell - finance/budget presentation - we are a little ahead of projections


President: Samantha Hodorek volunteered
        Seconded by: Jennifer Swarzkopf and M-R Charbonneau

Vice-President: Leslie Stobbart and Katrina Petryk volunteered
        Seconded by: Frania Granville and Lisa Rosen

Treasurer: April Waddell volunteered to continue
        Seconded by: Samantha Hodorek and Jennifer Swarzkopf

Secretary: Suzanna Keller volunteered
        Seconded by: Stephanie DiCesare and Lisa Rosen


Membership: Natalie Damiano volunteered

Program Coordinator/Special Programming: no volunteers.  Laura Piggott to maintain until someone comes forward.

Sew-Ins: Katy Devlin

Bees and Swaps: Samantha Hodorek

Refreshments: Kate Hardie

Charity Coordinator: defer until September


*There is a leftover gift certificate from the silent auction for “The Glen” in Stittsville.  Gemini Cheng would like it.

Door Prize Winners: Jenn McMillan and two others (three prizes donated by Bytowne Threads)

Show and Tell


Canada 150 Traveling Quilt Presentation

UFO Challenge Prize Winners:

Jennifer        Katrina
Amber            Frania
Monika        Frania
Samantha        Frania
Amber            Leslie
Leslie            Katy

Meeting closed at 9:08 pm


OMQG MEETING MINUTES - May 15th, 2017Meeting opened at 7:38 pm by Amber.

Show and Tell will be presented at the end of the meeting so bids for the silent auction can be tallied.

No Shop of the Month

Next meeting is our AGM and the Canada 150 trunk show.

Krista Hennebury is coming in September.

Elaine Quehl and Libs Elliott sign-ups coming soon.

CQA in Toronto June 14-17

Block of the Month winner is Jenn MacMillan.

Vancouver Swap is here.

Door Prize

Bidding Break at 7:55 pm

Show and Tell at 8:40 pm.

Meeting closed at 8:50 pm (people who won a silent auction item can stay to pay).


Meeting opened by Amber at 7:33 pm.

Upcoming Program:
April - scraps with Johanna Masko
May - Silent Auction
June - AGM and UFO awards

New Workshop: Spiro Quilting with Debby Soll May 14th, 2017

Improv Speed Dating with Krista Hennebury September 24th, 2017

Sew-Ins: April 9, May 7, June 25

UFOs - Draw in June

Vancouver Swap - Items due at April meeting - Swaps will be received at May meeting

Essex Linen Challenge and Special Exhibit entries due April 1st

Block of the Month - none last month, but this month’s is online

Spotlight On: none tonight

Interest in Elaine Quehl for a fabric dyeing workshop: yes.

Show and Tell

Break from 8:10 to 8:31 pm.

Amber presented a powerpoint on Wholecloth Quilts.

Meeting closed.

OMQG MEETING MINTUES - February 27th, 2017
Meeting opened at 7:36 pm by Amber.

Debby Soll is here to teach Sashiko quilting.  Kits are available for purchase for $6.  Blocks for Quilts for QC will be collected tonight for Debby to take back to the Montreal MQG.

Slideshow re:
upcoming programming
Vermont retreat cancelled
fall/spring retreat TBD
Vancouver Swap
Essex Mini Challenge due April 1st

Canada 150 Quilt unveiled - only needs binding.

Quilts from Ottawa area guilds will be shown at our May or June meeting.

Block of the Month (flying geese) Winners: Christine and Natalie

Spotlight On Sue Spargo presented by Samantha Hodorek

Show and Tell

Meeting restarted at 8:15 pm.

Debby Soll Interactive Sashiko Presentation.

Meeting closed at 9:15 pm.



Meeting opened by Amber at 7:33 pm

Simplifi Fabric is shop of the month

February’s meeting is Sashiko quilting - remember to bring $6 to purchase a kit if you need one.

March meeting - Modern wholecloth quilts

April - Scrap talk and the Farmer’s Wife workshop with Johanna Masko

May - Silent Auction

June - Annual General Meeting and UFO challenge

...Slideshow by Amber...

CQA-OMQG showcase submission deadline extended to April 1st

Canada 150 - currently scheduling to have quilts come to our guild, hopefully in May or June

QuiltCon charity quilt was unveiled - based on the theme of scale.

There is currently a memory quilt volunteer opportunity. Contact Sarah Heath for more info or to sign up.

BOM draw - Samantha Hodorek won.

Spotlight On - Lisa Rosen presented on Sherri Lyn Wood and talked about The Improv Handbook

Show and Tell

Break from 8:09 pm to 8:35 pm

My Favourite Things Segment

Door Prizes

Meeting ended at 9:02 pm.


OMQG OCTOBER 24th MEETINGMeeting opened at 7:36 by Amber.

Rockland Textiles is shop of the month.

Powerpoint Presentation by Amber: upcoming schedule; sew-ins; workshops; swaps.

Katy presented “Spotlight On” - Amanda Jean Nyberg “Crazy Mom Quilts”

Stacey: tonight is collection of Fort Mac Quilts - will be shipped next weekend

April: budget overview

QuiltCon Charity Quilt: membership voted no to providing fabric
-Samantha Hodorek has volunteered to oversee challenge and coordinate

A big thank you to Cheryl for Arkison for yesterday’s improv curves workshop.

Sew and Tell - explain why modern

Break from 8:20 to 8:32

Trunk Show by Cheryl Arkison

Meeting ended at 9:32 pm.



Meeting was opened by Amber Mitchener, President OMQG, at 7:40.

Wendy from Superior Threads was shop of the month.

The meeting topic was “What is Modern Quilting.”

Amber presented a slide show on points of interest and upcoming events (see Facebook page).

April Waddell presented our new segment “Spotlight On...” and discussed Jaybird Quilts.

Amber resumed her slideshow.

Show and Tell

Break from 8:37 pm to 8:56.

Meeting was resumed by Amber at 8:56 pm.

Quilt raffle draw was conducted by Krista Zaleski: Leslie Stobbart was the winner of the free workshop and Laura Piggott was the winner of the Single Girl Quilt.

Julie Johnston presented a summary of her trip to SewPro including samples of Spoonflower pre-printed projects and information about

Amber Mitchener presented a slideshow on “What is Modern Quilting” (see Facebook).

Door prizes were drawn by Amber.  Winners were Janet Ferguson, Karen Lafontaine and Nicole Lund.

Meeting was ended by Amber Mitchener at 9:28 pm.

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