Meeting Minutes 2018-2019

    OMQG Meeting Minutes - June 24, 2019

    Meeting started at 7:33
    Shop of the Month is The Pickle Dish
    Slideshow re:
    Why Guild is great!
    We can’t do what we do without you
    Election of next year’s executive and coordinators:
    President - Cheryl Thompson.  Moved by Jenn McMillan, seconded by Brenda Payer
    Treasurer - Sandra Garvey.  Moved by Katherine Marshall, seconded by Jennifer Grant
    Remaining in their positions for next year are:
    Alison Harle - Vice President
    Katrina Petryk - Vice President
    Mary Gauvreau - Secretary
    No one came forward for the position of Program Coordinator or Signup Coordinator. 
    Meaghan and Laura have already agreed to be the Outreach Coordinators.
    Annual budget - presented by April
    Receipts and Expenditures
    Early Membership - $35 until June 30th
    2018-2019 Programming
    2019-2020 Meetings
    2019-2020 Programming
    QuiltCon Charity Challenge 2020 - coordinators are Sam and Jenn McMillan
    Sign ups
    2019-2020 Workshop(s) October 27th with Jenn McMillan, info is on blog
    OMQG Retreat 2019
    Roosting Round Robin - prize for last prompt Angie Millar
    End of roost prizes Sandra Garvey, Angie Millar, Brenda Payer, Liz, Jane
    Summer Homework- organizing scraps and name tag challenge
    Block of the Month - 118 scrappy geese blocks turned in.  Winners Cheryl, Elaine, Brenda,
    Deb, Diane, Pat, Liz
    Block of the Year - 261 Blocks total.  Winners are Pat, Cheryl, Karen, Mary
    Sew and Tell
    UFO Challenge Winners Monica, Sheena, Katrina, Katy, April, Stephanie, Janet
    Door Prizes Teri, Katherine, Maureen, Janet, Diane, Krista, Karen, Katrina, Brenda,
    Amelia, Mary, Elizabeth, Tanja
    Maker Minds - Hosted by Ali
    Meeting ended at 9:29

    OMQG Meeting Minutes - May 27, 2019

    Meeting started at 7:32.

    No shop of the month this month due to Silent Auction.

    Slideshow re:

    Silent Auction night
    Early membership
    Why guild is great
    2018-2019 meetings
    2018-2019 programming
    We can’t do what we do without you:  Positions up for grabs next year - President, Treasurer, Program Coordinator, Sign-up Coordinator.  Meaghan and Laura have already come forward as Outreach Coordinators, and we have one QuiltCon Charity Coordinator (Sam) but will need one other
    QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge 2020 - Theme is text, palette is greys
    Sign ups
    2019-2020 workshop(s)
    OMQG retreat 2019
    Roosting Round Robin - last prompt is Improv.  Winner of the May draw is Teresa
    Fabric Scraps
    Block of the Month - winners are Louise (blocks), Cheryl, Louise, and one other
    Next month’s block is scrappy geese.
    Block of the Year - winners are Mary, Pat, Sheena, Meaghan
    Pillow Swap
    Door Prizes - Jennifer, Kathy, Tanja, plus one other.
    Sew and Tell

    Break and Silent Auction

    Program:  Quilts from the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum Collection
    Lizz Thrasher and Roberta

    Meeting ended at 9:26.

    OMQG Meeting Minutes - April 29, 2019

    Meeting started at 7:33.

    Shop of the month is Fabrications

    Slideshow re:

    Early membership:  renew in April, May or June for $35.  After June price increases to $40.

    Why Guild is Great!
    2018-2019 Meetings
    2018-2019 Programming
    We can’t do what we do without you - hellos from all current executive members and coordinators
    List of positions that need to be filled for next year:  President, Treasurer, Program Coordinator, Charity Coordinator, Sign up Coordinator, Quilt Con Charity Quilt Coordinators
    Sign ups
    Sew-ins:  last one May 26th
    OMQG 2019 Retreat
    Roosting Round Robin - the prompt for May is “Texture”; winner of this month’s draw is Leslie
    Modern Design Elements with Jan - Colour Blocking
    Block of the Month - over 50 blocks!  Winners Pat and Megan, plus Teresa, Katherine, Sandra x2, Angie, Megan, Laura
    Block of the Month for May is Succulents
    Block of the Year - winners Sheena and Mary
    Selvage Salvage Draw winners MR, Sam and Sandra
    Door Prizes - Diane, Mimi, plus one other

    Sew and Tell


    Jelly Roll Race:  winning team - Pam D., Jen S. and Robert R.

    CQA guild challenge winner is:  Elaine Cawadias

    Meeting ended at 9:35.

    OMQG Meeting Minutes
    - March 25, 2019 General Meeting

    Meeting started at 7:34

    Shop of the Month is Fabric Crush

    Slideshow re:

    Why Guild is great!

    2018-2019 Meetings - April meeting is moved to April 29 due to Easter

    2018-2019 Programming
    Sign ups
    Jelly Roll Race
    Sew ins - May sew in will be cancelled if less than 5 sign up
    CQA member challenge:  Quilting goes Viral
    OMQG Fall Retreat
    Roosting Round Robin - draw winner is Mary, next prompt is “scale”:  enlarge or shrink an element from the inspiration block
    Moonstone Block Draw - winner is Brenda
    Block of the Month:  21 blocks - winner is Mary.  Draw prizes for Sheena, Liz (x2), Sandra
    April BOM is Perk Up!  Instructions are on the blog
    Block of the Year - winners are Meighan (x2), Cheryl (x2), and Sheena
    Door Prizes - Joanne (prize from Fabric Crush), Melanie, Brenda, Leslie, Lynn
    Sew and Tell
    Pub Quiz Fundraiser - Jen S spoke about campaign by Eve’s Helpers.  Pub night is sold out, but sponsor tickets still available for $15.00.


    Program:  Johanna Masko - Colour in Action

    Meeting ended at 9:56.

    OMQG Meeting Minutes - February 25, 2019 General Meeting

    Meeting began at 7:34.

    No shop of the month this month.

    Program:  EPP Presentation and workshop with Ali.

    Door Prizes - Winners:  Deb, Cheryl, Jane, Joanne, Jan, Carolyn, Paul, Kat, Ali, April, Laura, Janet plus one other winner.


    Slideshow re:
    Why guild is great
    2018-2019 Meetings - four meetings left
    2018-2019 Programming - Pillow Swap assignments coming up.
    Sign ups
    Jelly Roll Race
    Pillow Swap Details
    CQA Member Challenge:  Quilting goes Viral
    OMQG Retreat 2019
    What is Big Stitch?
    Big Stitch and DIY Quilt Frame Workshop
    Roosting Round Robin:  Prompt for this month is Asymmetry
    BOM:  Raspberry Kisses - 72 blocks, 36 each.  Winners: Carolyn, Liz, Kat
    Next BOM Sprinkle Kindness like Confetti Block - Slice and insert technique, small piecing
    Block of the Year:  Winners Sheena and Mary

    Sew and Tell

    Meeting ended at 9:26.

    OMQG Meeting Minutes - January 28, 2019 General Meeting

    Meeting began at 7:39

    The Shop of the Month was Mad About Patchwork

    Slideshow re:
    Lots of new sign ups!
    Canada 150 quilt - Update:  Guild quilt raised money for the orphans of Brian and Dora Aspulund, and is now at the Perley Rideau Veterans Health Centre
    Helping after the storm - contact Jenn McMillan if interested
    Guild is great!  Now 100 members! Have learned lots this year, and still have more learning coming up.
    2018-2019 meetings
    2018-2019 programming
    Sign ups:  refreshments (see Stacey O.), Jelly Roll Race, Sew-ins, Pillow Swap, CQA quilting goes viral, retreat, the usual suspects, Johanna Masko workshop
    Jelly Roll Race - April meeting, put a team together!
    Sew ins - See Krista.  Next one is February 10th:  Hawaien Needle Turn Applique with Jenn McMillan
    Pillow Swap - sign up, get assigned a partner, make a 18”x18” pillow cover for the May meeting
    CQA Quilting goes Viral - due at the April meeting, see CQA website for details
    Retreat 2019 - Thursday arrival option, sign up and pay by August 20th
    Big Stitch Quilting
    Big Stitch workshop - with Johanna Masko Sunday March 24th, cost $100
    Roosting Round Robin - fist prompt is Words
    Quiltcon Charity Quilt - complete!  Thanks to Suzanne Keller and Kirsten Fearon for taking the lead

    Modern Elements with Jann - Movement

    Block of the Month/Block of the year - winners:  Angie, Melanie, Mary, Angie, Liz, (one other), Sheena, Pat (twice), Brenda

    Door Prizes - winners:  Stacey, Karen, Liz, Irene

    Sew and Tell


    Speaker:  April Waddell - Quilt As You Go

    Meeting ended at 9:36.

    OMQG MEETING MINUTES -  October 29, 2018

    Meeting began at 7:35.

    This month there were two Shop of the Month,  Superior Threads with Wendy Foster Birch, and Once Upon a Tote with Kim Bonin.

    Slideshow re:
    Helping After the Storm - Jenn McMillan:  Quilt drive for tornado victims, details still being finalized.
    Trendtex Challenge - Irene Lafleche has bundles for participants.
    Refreshment sign up - November meeting is Sweet vs Salty, potluck, no sign up.  Members A-M to bring sweet, N-Z to bring salty.
    Ornament Exchange:  last night to sign up.
    2018-2019 meetings:  next meeting November 26th.
    2018-2019 programming
    Sew-ins and Sip n Sew
    Retreat - Gracefield
    QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge
    Modern Design Elements:  Asymmetry - Jann Atkinson
    Block of the Month:  26 blocks, winners are Laura (prize), Krista (13 blocks) and Joanne (13 blocks).  November block of the month is the Economy Block.
    Block of the Year:  Karen (first), Katy (most)
    Canadian Block Lotto:  wedge, solids only
    Door Prizes:  Elaine, Dianne, Jane, Lee Doddrige

    Speaker - Bill Stearman
    Sew and Tell

    Meeting ended at 10:01

    OMQG MEETING MINUTES - September 24, 2018

    Meeting began at 7:35.

    The shop of the month was Mad About Patchwork, who held a pre-guild event at their store for all guild members.

    Slideshow re:

    • Welcome to a new season
    • Pre-Guild Event at Mad About Patchwork
    • Friday’s storm
    • Welcome to new and returning members
    • Thank-you 2017-2018  executive and team
    • Welcome 2018-2019 executive and team
    • CQA talk
    • Meeting schedule for 2018-2019
    • 2018-2019 annual budget - presented by April
    • 2018-2019 programming
    • Sew-ins and Sip and Sew
    • Retreat - Gracefield
    • QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge 2017 & 2018
    • QuiltCon Charity Quilt Challenge 2019
    • Sign-ups
    • MQG Mini Swap 2019
    • Block of the Month (BOM). Exclamation mark.  2 groups of 27 blocks were up for grabs. Winners:  Dianne, Jenn McMillan, Irene Lafleche (prize)
    • Door Prizes  Winners: Sharon Wright, Laura, Katrina Petryk, Angie, Pat, E.P., Pam

    Speed date.


    Sew and Tell

    Meeting closed at: 9:09.

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