Roosting Round Robin

Roosting Round Robin

What, you ask is a “Roosting Robin”? Well, a roosting robin is just what the title suggests, it is a “Round Robin” but the quilt NEVER leaves your home, it “ROOSTS” with you. Instead of your quilt travelling from person to person; your quilt “roosts” at your house and you have all of the fun. Each participant follows the same sets of rules (given monthly) but has the freedom of creativity and none of the worries usually associated with a round robin.

For those who have never heard of Round Robin or Roosting Robin, this is a challenge to use some sort of center medallion, maybe an orphan block or a very special piece of fabric; and build your quilt one round at a time around this special centrepiece (or off centre if you like). Each month new instructions will be given to you and new ideas will be presented by email and at the General Meetings. Each time you complete a step, you will show your work on Instagram with the hashtag #omqgroostingroundrobin or email a picture to  and we will sign off on that month’s challenge. Every time you complete a step by the due date, your name will be entered for the final drawing.

Each month Roosting Robin instructions and ideas will be presented and emailed and posted here for the steps to be done in the next month. Each step introduced is to be completed before the next meeting.

Centre / Inspiration Block due January 28, 2019.
1st round due February 25th -> Words: text in fabric, improv, applique, stitched, paper-pieced...get creative!
2nd round due March 25th -> Asymmetry: any way you fold it, it must be asymmetrical. Check out the hashtag #omqgroostingroundrobin for some superb takes on asymmetry so far.
3rd round due April 29th -> Scale: Take an element of your block and shrink or enlarge it.
4th round due May 27th. -> Texture: Add texture to any part of your Round Robin. Applique (maybe reverse applique? ;-) ), a different fabric like linen or denim (or velvet and organza), embroidery, prairie points, couching, or heck even yo-yos. Google "fabric manipulation" for some way cool ideas for this or future projects, too.
5th / Final round due June 24th. -> Improv: This is the ultimate of no rules sewing and a great way to use any scraps from your Roosting Round Robin project so far. If you're not a fan of improv, as long as some part of this round has improv, even a square inch, you're good to go and we're just happy that "you gave it a try" ;-)

We can’t wait to see what you make!

Q: What size does my inspiration block need to be?
A: Whatever size you like! Use an orphan block or make a new block. And hey! Go crazy and try a new colour or a fabric you've maybe been a bit shy to cut into.
Q: Does this have to finish a certain size?
A: Not really. This will depend on the maximum size of your borders. More on this coming up.
Q: Does this need to be a medallion quilt?
A: Not at all. Add a border to one side or all four. The only "rule" is that you should add the equivalent of a 4"-6" four-sided border. This means that if you decide to only add to two sides, your borders will be ~ 8" wide.
Q: What if I don't like my border when I start my next round?
A: Then take it out and re-use it another way or toss out that idea all together. Just remember that the clue you're removing still needs to be incorporated into your quilt so at the reveal all of the participants have the same "elements" in their projects.
Q: I still have questions.
A: That's ok, just throw Sam an email at

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