Annual Report (14/15)

The Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild was registered as a not-for-profit under Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act in August of 2013.

2014-2015 was the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild’s second official membership year.  Over the course of the 2014-2015 membership year, the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild (OMQG) increased by 19 members.  As of our year-end meeting in June, we finished the membership year with 79 members. 

Meeting Locations
All meetings from September to June (excluding April) were held at our Ottawa Citizen location at 1131 Baxter Road, Ottawa.  April’s meeting was held at the Kanata Recreation Centre.  Meeting space for the 2015-2016 membership year has been secured at the Ottawa Citizen meeting location.

Meeting Activities
Over the course of the membership year, members participated in monthly fabric and finished object swaps and bees, as well as our monthly block design challenge led by M-R Charbonneau.  Members also took part in show and tell, tutorials, workshops, Blog, Book, Fabric and Make it Modern Segments.  We also welcomed guest speakers Eric Simkins, who spoke on sewing machines and maintenance; Elizabeth Olwen, who spoke on surface design; and our very own Alison Harle, who gave a presentation on the use of Instagram.

Guest Speakers and Special Programming
In our 2014-2015 membership year, we welcomed two external guest speakers, Eric Simkins and Elizabeth Olwen.  Elizabeth Olwen also ran a workshop on quilt design.  Contracts were signed and plans secured to welcome Lizzy House on August 9th, 2015 to lead her Meadow Quilt workshop and also to welcome Lib Elliott in November to lead her Weight of Love workshop on November 22nd and present a trunk show during our normal guild meeting on November 23rd.

Monthly sew-ins were held from October to June (April was a special event workshop on quilt design with Elizabeth Olwen).  Members were able to bring their projects and sew in a group setting at their own leisure and enjoyment.  Plans are in place to continue with the sew-ins for the 2015-2016 membership year.

In May of 2015, the OMQG participated in the Ottawa Valley Quilters Guild Festival of Quilts as part of a modern group exhibit. Quilts were juried and had to meet either the requirements of the Montreal Meet-Up Challenge (a quilt measuring 30” x 40” and focusing on one of the following design elements: emphasis on negative space; minimalist design; improvisational piecing; alternate grid work; asymmetry; or modern traditionalism) or the monthly block design challenge.

Constitution and By-Laws
There were no changes in the 2014-2015 membership year to the original constitution and bylaws presented and voted in in 2013-2014.

Modern Quilt Guild Registration
OMQG membership with the Modern Quilt Guild (MQG) was renewed and the OMQG continues to have access to online information and resources including webinars, guild fabric challenges and pre-registration perks to MQG events.

Silent Auction
As part of our fundraising efforts to help pay for future guest speakers and guest teachers, the OMQG held a silent auction at our May meeting.  $862.25 was raised courtesy of our members’ donations and participation.

UFO Challenge
The guild organized two UFO challenges. The first began in September and ran until December. The second began in January and ran until June. Members (and guests) were able to register unfinished objects in the challenge.  For each project completed and presented to the membership by the respective deadlines, members received a ticket for a draw of various goods donated by local quilt shops, members and online businesses.

Social Media
The OMQG continues to have a blog, Facebook and Flickr presence and has expanded its social media to include Instagram.

Fiscal Report
Our fiscal report will be presented at our September or October 2015 meeting once our second fiscal year is complete.

The executive committee would like to thank all members and guests for their support and encouragement in our second year.

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