Thursday, 27 June 2013

Heather Ross Fundraiser

Who loves Heather Ross?  Well, I certainly do!  So when one of our guild members mentioned this fundraiser to me and then casually threw in that she not only knows Heather Ross personally, but that she is actually a very good friend, I just had to share this:    

(From Heather Ross)

Dear Friends,

My twin sister, Christie Danner, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Her prognosis is very good. Unfortunately, her insurance (the private, catastrophic sort) is not. Christie is a mother of three and works full time as an advisor and intervention counselor at a high school in the Santa Cruz mountains, and is an integral part of her close knit community She is also the glue that binds my (somewhat functionally challenged) family together. She is never the person that asks for help, she is aways the one who gives it.

I've asked my friends in this wonderful crafting community to help me to organize a fundraiser to help pay for her treatment, generously hosted by my friends at Harts Fabric in Santa Cruz. To say that I am overwhelmed by the generosity we recieved in return would be an understatement. We sent out a request for donations for an auction and raffle.  Walden is donating a Mermaid surfboardDenyse is sending a quilt, Natalie has donated a west coast workshop at Heath ceramics, my friends at Martha have sent over a truckload of crafty wonderfulness, Amy and Lotta are filling boxes straight out of their studios, Windham may drown us with fabric, Amy Sedaris is sending some celebrity shwag, and the list goes on and on. I'm adding a quilt that I made from Mendocino fabrics, and most of my own personal stash to the mix, plus some original artwork. We'll also be raffling off a workshop spot in one of our Palm Springs weekends.

The event, which will look a whole lot like a cocktail party, will include both a raffle and an auction which will be emceed by yours truly (no, in case you are wondering, I don't actually know how to emcee an auction. But I'm studying up!). A very limited number of tickets will be sold, and are available here and at Harts Fabric.

We are also selling a limited number of raffle tickets to those who can’t make the event but would like to support it, as well as tee shirts and signed copies of the poster (both pictured below) that I designed for the occasion. We will be tweeting the event live, so if you buy a ticket be sure to sign up for our twitter feed!

Thanks in advance for your help. My family and I feel lucky to be part of a world full of such creative, generous, wonderful people. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me.